Harpal Bhachu defines the people and events he photographs with a unique, artistic flair in images that delight the eye of the beholder.  His dedication to his work allows him to produce masterpiece quality photographs that capture the true essence of your special event.

The sublime smile of a new bride, the tenderly shared gaze of bride and groom, the joyous faces of family and friends – all these wonderful moments and more live again in Harpal’s inspired photography.  Your wedding day is memorialised in stunningly vibrant pictures that bring each moment from your special day vividly alive.  Harpal employs both traditional and contemporary techniques to produce images that are at once striking in their beauty and breathtaking in their composition.

A photographer who understands the supreme importance of your wedding day, Harpal moves thoughtfully through your event, recording fleeting memories that you can later hold in your hands as a storybook of remembrances.  From a joyful tear on a parent’s cheek to the laughter of children dancing – or the flush of love that brightens newlywed faces – Harpal’s skilled presence and uncanny talent will capture it.

Images that touch hearts and spark smiles – forever – Harpal Photography.

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